404: A short horror film.


This scary short horror film is based on that primal response to walk to bed just a little faster after you turn the lights out.

Video & Script | Daniel Mattei, Motion & VFX | John Brennan, Art & Sound | Michael Gwynn

Poster & ART

Being so close to the film during the creation process gave me some great insight into the real tension areas. I set out to illustrate the moment right before it all goes awry for our main character. A full format print poster and digital poster were created with the artwork, including the branding from above.


Branding & Title Sequences

The idea was to remain subtle, yet direct with style. After talking through the films’ direction with the team it was fairly obvious what we wanted to communicate. An eerily simple approach leaving the tension of misalignment and degradation to parallel the “everyday office space" vibe where something just isn’t right.


With some years spent on audio editing and mixing, I was tasked with working through the live audio which was recorded mostly all in post and in different locations. Getting everything to sound like it came from the videos recorded location and figuring out a final mix that could aid in the build-up was critical.